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Seniors Open Quad Am Results 2017

 1st J. Wozniak, G. Parr, R. Mellor, A. Coy.  84 (44 bk 9) £100 each



2nd R. Harper, B. Dring,J. Boden, M. Brookfield. 84 (43 bk 9) £75 each



3rd T. Hirst, N. Paxman, G. Paxman, M. Ridgway. 83 (44 bk 9) £50 each



4th P. Yates, J. Harper, N. Gilberthorpe, C. Bell. 83 (42 bk 9) £30 each



Best front 9  A. Barber, G. Newby, M. Harrison, R. Chandler. 42 £20 each



Best back 9  C. Mangham, D Binks, S. Towers, S. Nicholson. 43 £20 each



 Nearest the Pin  R. Mansell 2m 41cm  £20


 Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who took part, see you again in 2018


Tee Reservations

Thursday 10th June

Hcap Team Vs Woodsome 





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