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Stewards Day Gravy Boat

 On behalf of Hayley and Ashley they would like to thank all the participants in their anual Stewards Day

Congratulations to our winners


1st      L Jessop M Maude A Fretwell R Whiteley           87 Points


2nd     R Garside D Hansom C Whiteley J Crossland     86 Points     43 Back 9


3rd     A Bate A Horrocks S Copper P Garlick               86 Points     42 Back 9


Nearest the Pin 3rd        Adraian Asworth           4 foot 1 inch


Nearest the pin 12th       Carol Brown                 7 foot 2 inch

Tee Reservations

Thursday 10th June

Hcap Team Vs Woodsome 





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